Bees are everywhere! We like social networks only because they share not only beautiful photos and video on bees. The very enrichment is to share tecnical data and experience. We also use socials to expand this web portal, to promote nutritional information about honey and to help saving bees.

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We are working hard to launch the Hive task to manage beekeeping directly in apiary on a tablet or smartphne: Beesness.

Beesness is the 1st preview of Beesness APP.
The app can act as a Diary (as you do with paper, today).
The app is able to help beekeepers to manage hives.
Actually we have the need to track a lot of informations for each beehive. Structure of physical hive. Grow of the family. Queen status. Health status, including Varroas treatments.
All of those informations are stores locally, then in the user cloud.
They can be used, in the next releases, for data prevention and statistics.
All the data collected will be useful if each beekeeper will share them to merge a big data collection.
Save the bees.. and work better!

Read more and get the manual here.

Get it on Google Play