About us

Beekeeping started as an hobby. There's a lot of things to learn.. a lot of stumbles before thinking to do this activity as a good job. 30 years since the 1st day with bees.. and I'm still learning.

Actually I prefer to manually do each process of the beekiping. Frequent visits of veterinary inspectors are made to take care of all the minimum requirements.

my lab

One of the most enriching of this work is unequivocally the nature and the location where we have bees!

Hives are in a great Park not so far from Turin. "Parco della Mandria" is an ancient Park. It belonged to the Savoia Royal dynasty.. actually is a protected Park. It extends from local mountains to its Castle near the famous Reggia of Venaria Reale.

We decided to place bees in the deepest end of the protected park in a place with ban of building houses for an area of 6.571,00 ha.(about 78588502yd²) so close to mountains and a little river.